About Hearing Ambassadors

It was by sheer chance that on 1 November 2017 a group of people from the East Midlands got together to review a number of projects that they were running in their local community. In the meeting, the group simultaneously experienced a light bulb moment where for the first time they really understood the unseen impact of hearing loss. They realised that if they could find a way of explaining what it means and feels like to live with hearing loss to those of us who can hear well, maybe they could encourage people to do things slightly differently and little by little, together, we could make a huge difference.

We have been growing our Hearing Ambassadors project ever since.


Our Mission

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For those of us that can hear well, we take our hearing for granted. We have no idea of the loneliness and isolation that can result from hearing loss, but the chances are that many of us will experience some form of temporary or permanent hearing loss at some time in our lives. Hearing Ambassadors is for everyone, regardless of hearing ability.


Our aim is:

To help people with good hearing become aware of the unseen effects of hearing loss so that they understand what it is like and know how to relate to those living with hearing loss.

To encourage people to look after their own hearing health and not to take their hearing for granted.

To share simple tips that make communication much easier regardless of hearing ability be it at home, in the workplace, or in the community.

To signpost good practices and support groups and organisations that provide help for those with hearing loss, their friends, and family.

To encourage people to talk openly about their hearing loss without being embarrassed or worried about being teased.


Meet the Team

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