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Another first for Sound Warriors!

Derby Theatre Sound Warriors ClipboardLed by Derby University’s Associate Professor of Applied Theatre, Dr Ava Hunt and a team of her postgraduate students, a group of young performers from Derby Youth Theatre have pulled off another first. The young actors have become Sound Warriors and created short films to showcase their own take on why unwanted sound matters to everyone. 

LOH - Derby Theatre Sound Warriors
The young people of Derby Youth Theatre wanted to explain what happens to people when they listen to loud things over a long time, so they created the character, LOH!
His name means “loss of hearing” and is pronounced, “Low.” You don’t have to be old to experience what Loh can do to you!

Popcorn - Sound Warriors

Sit back and enjoy the unique and fun videos by our performing Sound Warriors! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Will Loh’s dastardly tricks fool the Sound Warrior? Will Maya be rescued? Who is going to win the final showdown? Watch the videos to find out!

Ep 1 At the Disco – it’s too loud


Ep 2 We are not all the same – everyone can join in


Ep 3 in the monsters lair – Loh and the science bit


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See our journey in pictures!

🤝 Week 1 – Getting to know everyone

Click HERE to see our week 1 pics!

Week 1

💡 Week 2 – Learning about hearing and our initial ideas.

Click HERE to see our week 2 pics!

Week 2

🎨 Week 3 – Creating our storyboards

Click HERE to see our week 3 pics!

Week 3

🎭 Week 4 – Getting into character & rehearsals

Click HERE to see our week 4 pics!

Week 4

🎬 Week 5 – Rehearsal for camera – and finally – filming!

Click HERE to see our week 5 pics!


Week 5



The young people of Derby Youth Theatre and Derby Deaf Youth Theatre co-created these movies, under the guidance of Associate Professor of Applied Theatre, Dr Ava Hunt and two of her fantastic MA students, Becca and Daisy.

The idea for the production was commissioned by us, Hearing Ambassadors, who approached Dr Hunt last year to ask her to help with their latest project, Sound Warriors. Dr Hunt’s mission was to work with young people to co-create an engaging piece of theatre which explains to people of their age how hearing works and why it is so important to be aware of excessive noise when listening to loud music in discos, gyms, and gigs.

Hearing Ambassadors would like to express their grateful thanks to sponsors The Titan Children’s Trust, videographers, Immersive Productions, and Derby Theatre, without whom this would not have been possible.


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