Turn your ideas into our next short video! 

Can you create a storyboard to explain to your friends how they can recognise if things are too loud and how they can protect their hearing?

Story Board Competition Invitation - closes 15th Feb 2022This is the storyboard that we used to create our first video (See the video on our Meet the Sound Warriors page).

We created it using a free version of – you can download it below if you like to give you some ideas!

You can use any software, or draw your ideas by hand.

We will feature the best Story boards on our website. Our professional filmakers will make a film of your ideas and, and give you and your friends the opportunity to be the main stars !

You can even include royalty free music from and free sound effects from


Send your creation to

Story Board Competition Invitation - closes 15th Feb 2022Click here to download the storyboard from above….



Storyboard competition thumb

Click here to download the Story Board competition information sheet as a PDF….

Story Board Competition



Thank you to all those who joined in our Whacky Noises Competition!

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