How much did you understand?

If you had a go at trying to understand our history from the redacted text on the My Friends and Family page, you might like to see the whole text in full.

Light bulb moment

We are often asked how the District 1220 Hearing Ambassadors project started.   It all began on 1 November 2017 when 6 Rotarians simultaneously experienced a light bulb moment and there and then we agreed “do something about hearing awareness in Rotary”.  We have been developing the Hearing Ambassadors project ever since.

Rotarian Andrew’s hearing loss came on suddenly overnight and like many other Rotarians in his situation, he generally tries to avoid large meetings, not because he doesn’t have a contribution to make, but because he simply can’t hear, which is immensely frustrating for him. Take a fast-moving meeting in a poorly lit room with a tiled floor and the incessant hum of an air conditioning unit, and it’s a recipe for disaster.   Andrew was selected to represent his club at a District 1220 Rotary in the Community meeting.  He struggled to understand, the discussion, and what Dimensions Cafés (Dementia to you and me) had to do with Rotary.  Inevitably after about an hour, when he realised he could not make out what was going on, he mentally withdrew from the situation, nodding and smiling at what he felt were appropriate points.   He totally missed the discussion about isolation.