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A Guide to Hearing-Safe

Let’s face it, concerts are EPIC. The lights, the energy, and the feeling of your favourite band vibrating through your chest – it’s pure awesomeness. But here’s the not-so-epic truth: those killer concerts can be brutal on your hearing. No one wants to miss out on the mosh pit fun, but sacrificing your future ability to enjoy music is a major buzzkill. Don’t worry, fellow music lovers, there’s a way to have your concert cake and eat it too (metaphorically speaking). Here’s how you can rage like a rockstar without turning your ears into mush.

Gear Up for Fun (and good hearing )

Forget stuffing tissues in your ears (they’re useless!). Invest in a pair of high-fidelity earplugs. No, seriously, earplugs can be awesome these days. They come in all sorts of colours and styles, some even look like mini in-ears. Plus, good ones, actually improve your concert and dancing experience because they block out the ear-splitting noise without muffling the music, so you can hear and feel everything perfectly, just at a safe volume.

Become a Strategic Dancer

Not all areas of a venue are created equal if the speakers are blasting right next to you like a sonic laser beam, scoot away! Find a spot further back where the music is more chill. You might not be front row center, but your future self with functioning ears will thank you.

Give Your Ears a Breather

Just like your muscles scream for mercy after a workout, your ears need breaks too. Head outside and rehydrate for a few minutes every hour to give yourself a rest from the sonic assault. This lets your ears recover and prevents long-term damage.

Listen to Your Body (and Your Ears!)

Your ears are your body’s built-in volume indicators and if they start ringing or feel uncomfortable, that’s your cue to turn down the volume or take a strategic retreat. Don’t ignore the warning signs.

Educate Your Squad

Spread the word! Talk to your friends about using earplugs. You can even make it a thing – find cool earplugs that match your outfit and rock them with pride. Peer pressure for good, people!

Recover and Recharge

After the concert’s ear-splitting glory, give your precious ears a break. Avoid blasting music through your headphones for a while. Let them fully recover and recharge for the next auditory adventure.

Crank up the fun, not the volume

By following these tips, you can transform yourself into the ultimate concert-going ninja, conquering the mosh pit while keeping your hearing safe. Remember, healthy ears are the key to enjoying music for life. So crank up the fun, not the volume, and keep the music pumping for years to come!

Earplugs that won’t break the Bank

We’re an independent charity and although we don’t endorse any particular product, we did find this awesome review of the top 10 earplugs that will block out the ear-splitting noise and won’t break the bank.  It was published in the Independent Newspaper

Tell us about your music life!

Let us know your thoughts about hearing safe and we will publish the best ideas on our website. Email to tell us what works for you.


Cover Photo – Concert: Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Mosh Pit: Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Having a breather and rehydrating: Photo by Stephen Arnold on Unsplash

Listen to your body: Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

Spreading the word: Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

Recover and Recharge: Photo by Katya Ross on Unsplash

Contact us”: Photo by Miles Burke on Unsplash

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Redefining the boundaries of dance

Imagine a world where young dancers can pursue their passion without risking their hearing health. Help us to make this a reality by raising awareness of noise-induced hearing loss in young dancers.

Join our Dance Challenge today and create a revolutionary dance experience that transcends the reliance on loud music.

Where movement becomes poetry

Through expressive movements and emotive storytelling, create a unique and mesmerizing journey without the need for booming soundtracks.  Use innovative choreography with your bodies as instruments, intricate rhythms and a fusion of silence and redefine the boundaries of dance, where silence speaks volumes and movement becomes poetry.

Showcase your skills

Whether you’re dancing alone, or performing a routine with friends, don’t keep your dance moves to yourself, email your video today to and let the world dance to your rhythm!

Want to know more?

Dive into our website.  It’s your one-stop destination for all things related to protecting your precious hearing. From informative articles to engaging blog posts, we’ve curated a wealth of knowledge to help you understand the risks and prevention methods. Our platform isn’t just about awareness; it’s about empowering you to make informed decisions about your auditory health. So, if you’re ready to safeguard your hearing for a lifetime of music and dance, explore our website today and embark on a journey to sound health!


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Dance Smart and Love your Ears

Feel the vibe!

Young people love the sense of excitement that loud music brings. It helps them to escape from the day-to-day world and transcend to new shared experiences, but listening to loud music over a prolonged period can have a damaging effect on our ears. The World Health Organisation has estimated that 50% of all our 12-35-year-olds will have hearing loss by the time they are 50. Read on to find out how Sound Warriors can help you ensure that your child dosen’t become another WHO statistic.

 LoH and loud music

Inspired by Dr Ava Hunt Associate Professor of Applied Theatre at Derby University,  the young performers of Derby Youth Theatre wanted to tell their friends about the dangers of loud music so they created the character LoH.

LOH - Derby Theatre Sound Warriors

LoH’s name stands for Loss of Hearing, and he is doing his best to make sure that the volume is as loud as it can be. LoH hides in plain sight so that people forget he is around, but he is everywhere, at the disco, dance class, gym, cinema, and sports events.  He even conceals himself in computer games.    

Watch LoH in action on the Derby Theatre Page of our website. 

Knowledge is power

The great news is that although noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible, it’s entirely preventable. Can you help us to spread awareness about ear empowerment? Here are some ideas for you to start a conversation with a young person to stop LoH before he can do any harm.

  • Talk about hearing and how different sounds can change your mood – the sea, birdsong, a pneumatic drill, a computer game, a rock band.   How do loud sounds make you feel?
  • Try this riddle “What things you can hear but can’t see?
  • Try to communicate without voice for a few minutes. How does it make you feel?
  • Imagine Loh getting up to mischief. Where does he like to hang out? What does he do to make it uncomfortable for others? How can you banish LoH from your life?
  • There are lots more ideas on the activities pages of our website

Love your Ears

Here are some practical measures that you can take to protect your hearing and love your ears. 

  • Follow the 60/60 rule – turn the volume to no more than 60%. Take a break after 60 minutes.
  • Wear earplugs in noisy environments.  There are lots on the market but we especially like the ones created by Loop Earplugs because we think the vibrant colours will appeal to young people.  
  • Use a free app such as dB X from SkyPaw or the innovative Sound Print to measure sound levels
  • Talk to your GP if you have ringing in the ears that doesn’t go away after a few days

Want to know more?

Here is a flavour of some of the other BLOGs on our website

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A London Street

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Answer to riddle – “What things can you hear, but can’t see” The wind, a phone ringing, thunder.  What else can you think of?

Images from Derby Youth Theatre Other artwork created on

Disco cover photo by Photo by Jesus Loves Austin on Unsplash


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