Hearing Ambassadors Presentations in the community

A Sound Solution for All Audiences

Embracing clear communication

Have you ever been in a crowded room for a club meeting or speaker event and had to strain to hear the presenter?  Have you ever decided not even to attempt to figure out what is being said because it’s just too frustrating?  As Hearing Ambassadors, we know the importance of clear communication, especially for people with reduced hearing. That’s why we like to use sound amplification at all of our talks even to relatively small groups.   In fact, our sound system made such a positive impression on the Market Rasen Rotary Club that they asked us for our recommendations.

Why amplification matters, even in small venues

Everybody knows that sound amplification is important for large venues, but they don’t always realise that a good microphone and amplifier can be a game-changer in smaller venues too.  Here’s why:

  • Better Focus and Engagement: When people can hear clearly, they’re more likely to stay focused and engaged with the speaker.
  • Improved Clarity: Even without hearing loss, background noise or poor acoustics can make it difficult for everyone to understand what is being said. Amplification ensures everyone gets the message.
  • Accessibility for All: Amplification creates a more inclusive environment for everyone, especially those with reduced hearing ability.
A talk for everyone, not just those in the front row!

Speakers often claim they can project their voice even in a large room.  This may be true for trained actors like Brian Blessed,  a giant of a man with a booming, operatic voice, but most of us need some help to speak to the very back of the room.

For those who say they don’t need a microphone, Hearing Ambassadors have some great ideas to help you to calm those nerves.

  • Before the Event, explain to the speaker that you want everyone to hear the message, not just those in the front row so you have a sound system to help them to get their message across loud and clear.
  • Make it Easy: Ensure the amplification system is fully charged, easy to use and readily available. Have someone on hand to assist the speaker if needed.
  • Just before the meeting, do a sound check and offer a brief guidance on microphone techniques.
  • During the meeting: For everyone to be on the same page, ask the speaker to repeat any questions from the group before answering. That way, people in the back can hear the question and the answer too!
Showcase your commitment to accessibility

With your new Sound System, you will be adding a professional touch to your events. Crisp audio demonstrates attention to detail and creates a more polished atmosphere.  Professional Speakers often prefer venues with good sound systems. Promoting yours can make you a more attractive option and help you secure top talent.

Make sure you use Sound System for every event so it becomes the norm, not simply a special accommodation. Showcasing your commitment to accessibility positions you as a thoughtful and caring organization.

The Verdict from Market Rasen Rotary Club?

This is what they said:

“Many thanks to your help and in particular to Tony Waldron for his suggestions.  We had a few meetings to discus the options and in the end we went for a Sound System which seems to do all that we wanted and also came with a couple of decent wireless mics included”

Want to know more?

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would a member of our team to come to your organisation to give our talk about hearing accessibility for all which we call  “Hear Here”.

You can find out more about our talks on Speakernet



Cover Photo: Lady with pan on her head Photo by Intricate Explorer on Unsplash

Microphone: Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Lady giving a talk: Photo by Natasha Hall on Unsplash

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Hearing Ambassadors Presentations in the community

Hearing Ambassadors Presentation for Bolsover Rotary

Hearing Ambassadors at Bolsover Rotary

We were delighted to make a presentation at Bolsover Rotary’s meeting.

If you would like us to give a presentation to your organisation, please email us on, and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

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